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Sporting Party Decorations

If you're planning to throw a sports-themed party, you may want to think about decorating or theming the room in some way. This page is therefore here to provide suggestions for party decorations, etc. Where we can find online suppliers who are willing to work with us, we will either sell their products from this site, or provide links to their pages.

Obviously enough, with the number of events and teams in the world, this page very quickly became far too big to navigate easily. We therefore decided to have one page for generic decorations and party supplies (e.g. red paper plates, blue napkins, etc), and then to divide the country-specific items up by continent.

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On each continent's page, there are flags and decorations for the various nations. Given the number of countries involved, each page could go on forever, and take forever to build, so rather than wait until it's all finished - which will never happen - we've decided to upload the pages in their unfinished state, and to then keep adding to them as often as we can. To prioritise the work, we'll focus first on nations playing in major tournaments or forthcoming events that could be good excuses for parties. Apologies if your favourite country isn't here yet - if you want to suggest a nation that's missing, or if you can recommend a good supplier of suitable decorations, please feel free to get in touch.

Please note: If you order flags or other decorations from this site, they will be dispatched to you from reputable third parties. We will do everything we can to ensure that your goods are sent promptly to you, but we cannot be held responsible for the actions of a third party.

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